Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raising Children: Only Stupid People Raise Their Own Children

Julie Chen Expecting Her First Child - mediabistro.com: TVNewser

Our second story of the day on the Moonves-Chen Spawn. The first focused on Miss Julie's hotness. This one will focus on her arrogance and stupidity. Yeah, I know... We go from love (or lust anyway) to hate quickly. Color us fickle.

Anyhoo... We quote Miss Julie's response to a question for her co-anchor, Harry Smith, regarding the reaction of Julie's parents:

"Oh, they're so happy," Chen said. "I mean, my mom's like, 'Quit your job!' I'm like, mom, you raised me to get a college education and become a working woman. Now you're like, throw it all away? Oh, please!"

Way to go, Jules. Nothing like telling stay-at-home moms that they are ignorant sluts. Sure seems like a winning strategy to me.

Newsflash, Jules... Mrs. MediaBlog has a degree. She had a career. She chose... CHOSE... To stay at home and raise the bloglet. She didn't "throw it all away".

Since you're not taking any maternity leave, be sure to write a little note for Junior telling him how happy you are to have him in your life but that doing a chooking segment on the #3 morning show in America was just a little more important than he was.

Maybe the nanny (who he will probably think is his mommy) will read it to him.

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