Saturday, May 30, 2009

From My Cold, Dead Hands

Soda Tax Weighed to Pay for Health Care -

Mark me well, Barry. If you or your minions in Congress decide to levy a tax on Coke in order to finance your destruction of the American health care system then the gloves come off. You think I'm an ass now, you just wait, my friend.

I've given you the next thing to a free ride the last few months because, quite honestly, I've soured on politics. I got burned out in the last election. And since there is nothing we as Republicans can do right now other than work toward 2010 and 2012 I really didn't see the need to raise my blood pressure.

If you try to tax my 64 oz fountain Coke then all that ends. It's not just on, Barry... It's AWWWWN!

Oh, and while we're at it:

"Soda is clearly one of the most harmful products in the food supply, and it's something government should discourage the consumption of."

Michael Jacobson
Executive Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Newsflash, fuckwad... It's not any of your motherfucking business. It's not any of the government's business. Instead of trying to get the government to arrest people who disagree with you (that's what they do if you don't pay your taxes, right?) and throw them into jail so they can be viciously gang raped how about you actually try to convince people that they might be better off cutting back on the Jolt Cola and drinking guava juice instead? Oh, right, that would actually give people credit for having intelligence and being able to make responsible choices without having your goddamn nanny state do it for them.

Fuck off, Jacobson. You've just earned the inaugural place on The MediaBlog Enemies List.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why We Prefer Kara

Bye, Paula. Don't let the door hit you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Someone Must Be Knocked Up

Finally, Archie will pick either Betty or Veronica - TODAY: Books

My money is on Betty Cooper. It's always the sweet, innocent ones who are really sluts on the inside. Besides, if it had been Veronica her daddy's money would have arranged for a quiet abortion somewhere out west. And, of course, a hit on young Mr. Andrews.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Grandma's House

What do you picture when you think of rustic furniture? For me it is solid pieces. Real hardwood. Good craftsmanship. And, yes, American-made. If you want to see more of rustic furniture then click on the link above.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Official: Michael Steele is an Idiot

Steele: Gay marriage costs small business - Washington Times

So we're supposed to appeal to younger voters by somehow convincing them that we're not opposed to gay marriage because it's an abomination in the sight of God and Western Civilization but because of the health care costs to small business.

And I guess we're opposed to abortion because of the negative impact it has on crib manufacturers.

This guy has not lived up to the hype. Between dissing Rush who, for well or for ill, is popular as hell with... Gosh... REPUBLICANS and then saying stupid sh*t like this, Mikey is wearing out his welcome real fast.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why Don't You Just Go Ahead And Cancel It?

God help me, I'm a 14 year old girl, but I'm really looking forward to Glee on Fox. Yeah, I know. I need to get my testosterone checked.

Anyway, since every good show that I like gets canceled (Jeff Zucker? Call your office.), why don't they just save me the trouble and heartache and just cancel the damn thing now before it even airs. That way they can put on a second episode each week of whatever that fracking lie detector show was called. Or maybe something where they have naked virgins swim in pools of vomit with leeches. I mean, it is Fox afterall.

A Little Bit of Dis and a Little Bit of Dat

Dan Abrams looks like Ryan from The Office.

Flipping around a couple of nights ago... Tom Hanks on Charlie Rose... I remember when he was on Bosom Buddies... He's looking old... Kevin Spacey on the Tonight Show... I remember when he was sitting at a piano on LA Law singing "Dulcinea"... He's looking old... Robin Williams on Letterman... I remember when he was Mork... He's looking old... How is it that all these other people are aging and I'm not? Hmmm....

Ron Howard looks more like Vladimir Lenin every day.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We've got your highlights from the White House Correspondents' Dinner right here. No, not the Dear Leader's stand-up routine or Wanda Sykes' off-color rants. You know us better than that! We've got your blogporn right here, friends. Newsbabe Contessa Brewer sparkles and, of course, our Miss Amy:

We're Through The Looking Glass Here, People

Donald Trump Says Miss California Carrie Prejean Will Retain Crown -

When Donald Trump is the sober, sane voice of reason you know that the apocalypse is nigh.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ditch the Rabbit Ears

You have probably seen all of those TV commercials talking about the whole digital transition. Do you realize that if you subscribe to cable that isn't something you even need to be thinking about?

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Mitt's a Sh*t

Some Republican leaders prefer not to discuss Sarah Palin - Jonathan Martin -

In the latest instance of a high-profile GOP member taking a passing swipe at the party's 2008 vice presidential candidate, former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney jokingly dismissed Sarah Palin’s inclusion on Time’s list of influential people in an interview broadcast Sunday.

He asked, was “the issue on the most beautiful people or the most influential people?”

You know, Mitt, we were on your side around here, but snide little prickish comments like this don't endear you to those of us who gave you a pass on your sudden Come to Jesus on social conservatism.

Newsflash, Mitt... There are a lot of social conservatives who held their nose when they endorsed you. For most of us it was because your convenient conversion seemed a little... Well... Convenient. For more than a few, however, the holy underwear was almost a deal breaker.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that while we might agree with you... Now... We don't entirely trust you so making a condescending and, yes, sexist about our girl Sarah probably isn't the brightest thing to do. And your selling point has always been that you were the brightest guy in the room. Better start showing it, Mitt.

Steps for Health

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

The AP's Christine Simmons: Frustrated Romance Novelist

My Way News - Obamas take a walk, holding hands in the evening

Gosh, how sweet. Leave a tender moment alone, Christine. This is what passes for news at the Associated Press?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Does This Mean Oddo Gets His Job Back?

Real Radio (WTKS) personality Shannon Burke in jail, accused of shooting wife, dog --

Heck of a week there at Real Radio, folks.

Sometimes the Enviroweenies Make We Want to Take a Dump in the Street

Now the new bagaboo is picking up your dog crap because it could pollute the water supply.

I guess deer crap is sterile. And bear crap. And squirrel. Bunny. Pigeon...

Bring Me The Head of Jeff Zucker!

The star of NBC's hottest new show is ... Chevy Chase? - TV Squad

We speak figuratively of course. The MediaBlog does not condone violence. No. Of course not. Not even against pin-headed, over-rated network execs who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. No. That would be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Still, throw me a bone here, Jeffy. You pretty much send Kings off into oblivion but you've got a tingle running up your leg for Chevy Fracking Chase? Dear God, are you addled? Don't answer that.