Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Ain't Springer Till Someone Lands a Zinger!

Who the frack is Nick Cannon?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Another triumph for network pinhead Jeff Zucker!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taking Care of Your Family

You have life insurance, right?

You probably do.  It is an important part of planning for your family's safety and future.  You probably have health insurance too.  You want to make sure your family can get the treatment they need if they are sick.  You do what you have to to protect your family.

But have you given any thought to storing your baby's cord blood?

I know, it sound strange.  Still, it's just another way of protecting your children's future health and safety.  To date there have been more than 12,000 umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants around the world.  That's 12000 people who have benefited from this amazing technology in order to treat more than 75 different conditions and diseases.

Cryo-Cell can safely collect and store your newborn's cord blood so it will be available later if they or their siblings need it.  Yes, that's right, it can help your other children too.  Along with being a perfect match for the donor, cord blood stem cells also have a 1 in 4 chance of being a match for their brothers and sisters.

Right now, Cryo-Cell can help you take advantage of this great service at an affordable price.  Until 6/28, you can save $725 on their U-Cord service by clicking on the link above and using the promotional code HOT.  Cryo-Cell is an industry leader in cord blood banking.  They are currently serving over 175,000 clients and are the most widely accredited private cord blood bank.

You provide for your children financially, provide for their long-term health as well.  Click on the link above to get more information.


It's Been a Hell of a Week... Or Two.

David Carradine...  Dead.
Ed McMahon...  Dead.
Farah Fawcett...  Dead.
Michael Jackson...  Dead.
Billy Mays...  Dead.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fuck You, Jeff Zucker!

You pull the plug on Kings but you're going to run I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here right down to the shitty end, aren't you?

There They Go Again

Is Government Health Care Constitutional? - WSJ.com

It's just like the Wall Street Journal to ask silly questions.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pixar = Death

Colby Curtin Dies Of Vascular Cancer After Watching Movie ‘Up’ (Photo!) | Bumpshack.com

No, no... Not really. Geez, those Disney lawyers have no sense of humor.

No, this is really a very touching little story about a girl dying of cancer whose last wish was to see the new Pixar movie "Up."

As you would expect, the evil bastards of corporate America told her to go pound sand. No, of course they didn't, Mr. Obama. They hand-delivered a DVD to her so she could watch it. They even brought along an armload of goodies.

No, my quibble here isn't with Disney or, obviously, the sick little girl. It's with the genius who wrote this headline. Makes it sound like watching "Up" gives you vascular cancer.

Which it doesn't. Probably. No, no it probably doesn't give you vascular cancer. But can we be sure?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At Least Barry Has His Priorities Straight

Obama: More benefits for gay workers only one step - Yahoo! News

The Dear Leader doesn't have time to say a kind word for the Iranians who are dying in the street for freedom. He's too busy making sure perverts have a good dental plan.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Go See the Sea

Are you looking for a fun, affordable family vacation this summer? Have you thought about SeaWorld?

Yeah, I know. Shamu and dolphins. Ho hum. Well, for one thing, those shows are incredibly exciting both for adults and children. Besides, if you think Sea World is just about whales, dolphins and fish then you just don't know SeaWorld.

For example, did you know that along with amazing animal shows, SeaWorld also has amazing rides? Like the new roller coaster called Manta. Filled with dips, twists and turns, Manta is exciting, thrill-packed adventure for the whole family.

You don't have to fly across country to have a great time this summer. SeaWorld is just a quick drive away for many of us.

Want an even better deal? Along with the great fun and value you get from spending the day at SeaWorld, right now you also get a second day of fun. Buy a ticket to SeaWorld and you will get a ticket to Aquatica or Busch Gardens absolutely free. That's two days of fun for the price of one. You can't do better than that!

While certain other theme parks in the Orlando area are raising prices, only SeaWorld is helping you show your family a good time this summer.

Don't wait. Hit the road for family fun and adventure. Go see SeaWorld!


Monday, June 15, 2009

You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Orlando Sentinel - Oddo's back ... and more radio news

I guess it does.

Well, I wish it could be back to his old stomping grounds on the Phile, but I'm glad he's back in the family. And with a promotion of sorts, it would seem.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is This The Best CNN Can Do?

Sub collides with sonar array towed by U.S. Navy ship - CNN.com

The array was damaged, but the sub and the ship did not collide, the official said. A sonar array is a radar towed behind a ship that listens and locates underwater sounds.

Uh, no. A sonar array is not a radar, towed or otherwise.


Closed Circuit To Sarah Palin

NOW's Media Hall of Shame: Letterman "Jokes" About Palin's Daughter

Do you really want to be on the same side as NOW? Shouldn't that tell you something? Let it drop, Sarah. You're not helping yourself. With the exception of the faux-see-how-balanced-we-are outrage from the NOW types, the folks who agree with you on this already love you, everybody else just thinks you're blowing it out of proportion.

And, for that matter, some of us who love you think that too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Twofer

A couple more for you...  Megyn Kelly (great hair, Meg) and Carla Bruni sans bra.

There Are Only Two Choices

Wright says 'Jews' keeping him from Obama - Yahoo! News

Does anyone really believe that The Dear Leader had absolutely no idea what his pastor of 20 years believed and said?

There really are only two choices here.

Maybe Obama joined the membership rolls of the Trinity United Church of Christ but then never darkened the doorway afterward. If so, he wouldn't be the first person to do so. And certainly not the first politician who felt like he needed to check the religious box on the application. Of course, that might make his claim of being a "committed Christian" just a tad suspect.


Maybe Barack Obama lied.

Get Your Groove On, Baby!

Yeah, it's kind of small. Best we could come up with. I mean, it could be the size of a flea... Do you really think we're not going to post a picture of Megyn Kelly in a little black dress?

Shoot Me First!

I have no interest in seeing the new GI Joe movie. I also have no idea who Rachel Nichols is. All I know can be summed up in one word:

Honey, I Love You, But...

Letterman sort of apologizes about Palin wisecrack - Yahoo! News

If you hadn't noticed, we're pretty big fans of Sarah Palin around here. Hot, conservative... What's not to like.

We're also pretty big fans of David Letterman. At least, we were once upon a time. We don't watch him much anymore. No particular reason other than that the show (and Dave) seems a little tired sometimes.

Anyway, the current brou-ha-ha (sp?) between Dave and Sarah... Long story short... Dave made a couple of jokes about Sarah and one of her daughters. The one about Sarah involved the words "slutty" and "flight attendant." The one about her daughter talked about getting "knocked up" by Alex Rodriguez.

Not sure why I did that recap since you were probably already well aware of the whole thing. Anyhoo... Dave's joke didn't specifically mention the daughter in question's name. Obviously the context refers to 18 year old Bristol, the one who was pregnant. The problem, of course, is that it was 14 year old Willow who actually accompanied mom on the trip.

Last night Dave kind-of-sort-of apologized. It would be more accurate to say he explained. He admitted that sometimes his jokes aren't that funny, sometimes they are in poor taste... The whole thing was self-deprecatory. He said, however, that clearly the joke was referring to Bristol who, given her age, is fair game and not to Willow who, given her age, is clearly not.

Why do I keep with the recaps? Geez... Again, anyhoo... I watched it and I take Dave at his word. To be honest, I think any reasonable person hearing the joke would understand that it was a reference to Bristol. We can disagree about whether it was very funny (I don't think it was and, for that matter, Dave doesn't seem to think so either). We can argue about whether Dave is partisan (he is). We can argue about whether even an 18 year old should be fair game. What I don't think we can realistically suggest, however, that Dave is some sort of pervert.

Unfortunately, that seems to be exactly what Sarah Palin and her entourage are trying to do. Quoting from her spokeswoman (in response to Dave's invitation, probably joking, for Palin to appear on his program):

"The Palins have no intention of providing a ratings boost for David Letterman by appearing on his show. Plus, it would be wise to keep Willow away from David Letterman."

Or, for that matter, from Todd Palin:

"Any 'jokes' about raping my 14-year-old are despicable. Alaskans know it and I believe the rest of the world knows it, too."

Or from the governor herself:

"Concerning Letterman's comments about my young daughter (and I doubt he'd ever dare make such comments about anyone else's daughter): 'Laughter incited by sexually-perverted comments made by a 62-year old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl are not only disgusting, but they remind us Hollywood has a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands - that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone's daughter, contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.'"

By playing up Dave's age and Willow's she is making the point that Dave is a dirty, perverted old man. Now, I have a daughter and I wouldn't like anyone making a sexual joke about her whether she is 14 or 41. Like the Palins, I'm going to be very sensitive to that. However, if you are a public figure I think you have to recognize and accept that your adult children are going to be fair game to some extent. It isn't nice, it probably isn't fair, but it's real.

To sum up what has turned into a dramatically longer post than it probably should be... I think Sarah, Todd and her people are deliberately misinterpreting what Letterman said. He has explained himself and she needs to move on.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bye Bye, Bagman

Deeds wins Democratic primary for Va. governor - Yahoo! News

Deeds, Shmeeds. Who cares. I'm just happy that the Old Dominion gave Terry McAuliffe a swift kick in the ass.

Be Wise

I do not have any web hosting space anymore.  However, for awhile I maintained a blog on its own domain with a webhost.  One of the hardest things to do was to find a good value on hosting services.  There are so many different things to consider and so many different options.  If I am being honest, I think I sort of got...  Well...  Screwed by my hosting provider.  I didn't get very good service and I paid more for it than I should have.  My mistake was to rely on ads.  I should have done more research before making a decision like that.  Of course, the problem was that while all the information was out there, it was hard to find it all in one place.

You can do better.

You can visit webhostinggeeks.com and find honest comparisons between different web hosting providers.  Don't rely on ads or on who has the flashiest site...  Get honest reviews from a source you can rely on. 

Whether, like me, you just want to host a simple blog or even if you are interest and in need of something more elaborate like multiple domain web hosting, they can help you find the information you need to get a good value for your hosting dollar.

A Truth

David Duchovny is a miserable talk show guest.  I have a feeling it will be a long, long time before he pays Conan another visit.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Get Phat

You know, I can clearly remember when I bought my first 56k modem. This is just amazingly fast I thought. Shows you how quickly things change. These days even the lightning fast speed we thought was amazing just a few years ago now seems just a little slow.

Yesterday's great is today's unacceptable. You can't settle for good enough anymore and thankfully you do not have to. As long is Charter is out there pushing the limits you can know for sure that tomorrow will hold something new, faster and better.

For example, there is Charter's Ultra60 service. What is Ultra60? Well, you can find out all of the details by visiting Charter's Ultra60 Information Page or maybe their Charter’s Twitter Feed. In a nutshell though, it is blazing fast broadband internet at 60Mbps.

What does 60Mps mean? It means better gaming. It means watching your favorite TV shows or movies in seconds rather than minutes. It means being able to work from home, pulling those huge files off your office PC in an instant.

Currently available in St. Louis, it is spreading across the country where Charter is available. Maybe to your area in the not to distant future. It's the fastest internet service currently available in St. Louis and one of the fastest in America.

Find out more by clicking on the links above. For high speed and great service there is only one place to go... Charter!



A Blast From The Past

The years have not been especially kind but in her day Shelley Fabares was quite the hottie. And while we're at it, Donna Reed was the original MILF:

If Looks Could Kill

Horse-jawed Michelle sees what a truly gorgeous First Lady really looks like.

Sunday, June 07, 2009



Anyone seen this before? Kind of nifty.

Oh Miss Amy... How Could You Leave Us?

There. At least now you don't have to go all weekend without a little bit of those drool-worthy calves.


Seems our illustrious Lieutenant Governor is improving his qualifications for Attorney General. Boning up on the issues? No, of course not. Cutting back on his taxpayer-financed travel? Uh, not so much...


This one's for you, Commodore!

The Fox Report... Live From Happy Valley!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

What A Difference 65 Years Makes

My Fellow Americans:

Last night, when I spoke with you about the fall of Rome, I knew at that moment that troops of the United States and our Allies were crossing the Channel in another and greater operation. It has come to pass with success thus far.

And so, in this poignant hour, I ask you to join with me in prayer:

Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity.

Lead them straight and true; give strength to their arms, stoutness to their hearts, steadfastness in their faith.

They will need Thy blessings. Their road will be long and hard. For the enemy is strong. He may hurl back our forces. Success may not come with rushing speed, but we shall return again and again; and we know that by Thy grace, and by the righteousness of our cause, our sons will triumph.

They will be sore tried, by night and by day, without rest -- until the victory is won. The darkness will be rent by noise and flame. Men's souls will be shaken with the violences of war.

For these men are lately drawn from the ways of peace. They fight not for the lust of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight to liberate. They fight to let justice arise, and tolerance and goodwill among all Thy people. They yearn but for the end of battle, for their return to the haven of home.

Some will never return. Embrace these, Father, and receive them, Thy heroic servants, into Thy kingdom.

And for us at home -- fathers, mothers, children, wives, sisters, and brothers of brave men overseas, whose thoughts and prayers are ever with them -- help us, Almighty God, to rededicate ourselves in renewed faith in Thee in this hour of great sacrifice.

Many people have urged that I call the nation into a single day of special prayer. But because the road is long and the desire is great, I ask that our people devote themselves in a continuance of prayer. As we rise to each new day, and again when each day is spent, let words of prayer be on our lips, invoking Thy help to our efforts.

Give us strength, too -- strength in our daily tasks, to redouble the contributions we make in the physical and the material support of our armed forces.

And let our hearts be stout, to wait out the long travail, to bear sorrows that may come, to impart our courage unto our sons wheresoever they may be.

And, O Lord, give us faith. Give us faith in Thee; faith in our sons; faith in each other; faith in our united crusade. Let not the keeness of our spirit ever be dulled. Let not the impacts of temporary events, of temporal matters of but fleeting moment -- let not these deter us in our unconquerable purpose.

With Thy blessing, we shall prevail over the unholy forces of our enemy. Help us to conquer the apostles of greed and racial arrogances. Lead us to the saving of our country, and with our sister nations into a world unity that will spell a sure peace -- a peace invulnerable to the schemings of unworthy men. And a peace that will let all of men live in freedom, reaping the just rewards of their honest toil.

Thy will be done, Almighty God.


-Franklin D. Roosevelt
-June 6, 1944

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Strangely Enough

So far I like the crook's wife best.

Ignorance is Bliss

I can honestly say that I have never heard of Spencer or Heidi Pratt. I had heard of The Hills but I had no idea that it was a "reality" program. If anything, I thought it was some sort of teeny-bopper soap opera in Fox or something.

Surely to God the day is coming soon when they fire Jeff Zucker's ass.

Car Parts

Are you in the market for car parts? If so then CarPartsWarehouse.com needs to be your first stop.

They make searching for the car parts you need quick and easy. Select the make, select the year and select the model and there you are. You have your choice of a selection of just the car parts you are looking for.

Shop for car parts from the comfort of your home or office and have them shipped directly to you. Easy search, great selection and great prices. What's not to like?

You can find out more by clicking on the link above.

Conan: Day One

A couple of thoughts...

-Put Andy on the couch.

-I think maybe Conan realizes that "The Tonight Show" doesn't matter anymore. That's why he's basically doing the same show he did on Late Night an hour earlier and a continent away. What do I mean by saying "The Tonight Show" doesn't matter anymore? I mean that the brand doesn't matter. Inheriting Johnny Carson's tonight show mattered. A generation of comedians and broadcasters longed for it. That show and that era are long gone. Conan may be glad to have the earlier slot but I don't think he or anyone is going to care about inheriting the mantle of Jay Leno. Which is good since Jay packed his mantle and is taking it to 10pm.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Laurie Dhue? More Like Laurie Who!

Friends, there was a time when we wondered if anyone could ever fill the place in our lustful hearts that was held by Laurie Dhue. Every weekend we looked forward to worshiping our favorite Amazon.

And then she was gone and we wondered what we would do... Where would we go?

And then there was Julie. Yes, she's dumber than a post, but even so... That skin! That hair! It was like the sun rising again.

Think we are exaggerating? Proof!