Monday, June 08, 2009

Get Phat

You know, I can clearly remember when I bought my first 56k modem. This is just amazingly fast I thought. Shows you how quickly things change. These days even the lightning fast speed we thought was amazing just a few years ago now seems just a little slow.

Yesterday's great is today's unacceptable. You can't settle for good enough anymore and thankfully you do not have to. As long is Charter is out there pushing the limits you can know for sure that tomorrow will hold something new, faster and better.

For example, there is Charter's Ultra60 service. What is Ultra60? Well, you can find out all of the details by visiting Charter's Ultra60 Information Page or maybe their Charter’s Twitter Feed. In a nutshell though, it is blazing fast broadband internet at 60Mbps.

What does 60Mps mean? It means better gaming. It means watching your favorite TV shows or movies in seconds rather than minutes. It means being able to work from home, pulling those huge files off your office PC in an instant.

Currently available in St. Louis, it is spreading across the country where Charter is available. Maybe to your area in the not to distant future. It's the fastest internet service currently available in St. Louis and one of the fastest in America.

Find out more by clicking on the links above. For high speed and great service there is only one place to go... Charter!



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