Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pixar = Death

Colby Curtin Dies Of Vascular Cancer After Watching Movie ‘Up’ (Photo!) |

No, no... Not really. Geez, those Disney lawyers have no sense of humor.

No, this is really a very touching little story about a girl dying of cancer whose last wish was to see the new Pixar movie "Up."

As you would expect, the evil bastards of corporate America told her to go pound sand. No, of course they didn't, Mr. Obama. They hand-delivered a DVD to her so she could watch it. They even brought along an armload of goodies.

No, my quibble here isn't with Disney or, obviously, the sick little girl. It's with the genius who wrote this headline. Makes it sound like watching "Up" gives you vascular cancer.

Which it doesn't. Probably. No, no it probably doesn't give you vascular cancer. But can we be sure?

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