Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Vegas, Baby!

You know those guys who like nothing more than to score a baseball game? I've never understood that. You sit there with this little book or a card entering balls and strikes. Of course, I've never been a baseball fan so maybe that's why it has never made much sense to me.

Football, on the other hand...

Nothing enhances watching a football game like the feeling of taking part (albeit vicariously) in the action. That's what Fantasy Football does for you.

If you are a fantasy football fan then you need to make an excuse to the wife and kids, gather up your posse and make plans to be in Las Vegas the end of August for the Las Vegas Fantasy Football Superdraft .

Maybe you will stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. Maybe you will rub elbows with VIP celebrities. Maybe you'll take in some of the concerts. Whatever your pleasure or passion, there will be some great opportunities to kick back and have a great time. I hear they even have gambling if that is your cup of tea.

Whatever your pleasure, Vegas has it. Click on the link above to get more information about this exciting time in America's most exciting city.


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