Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Only Explanation I Can Piece Together

Okay, here we go...

Maybe Sarah Palin isn't planning to run in 2012.  Maybe she's not even planning to run in 2016.  Maybe it's as simple as she's being constantly harassed by groundless ethics claims, she's heavily in debt, her family is a focus of constant jokes and harassment and she's just had enough of it.  She can leave office, make a bunch of money, maybe become a bit of a media personality, give her kids some time to grow up, have a little bit of a real life and push any sort of political future way, way, way down the road.

Sarah Palin is 45 years old.  She is a credible candidate in 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024 and maybe 2028.  She has plenty of time to run if she wants to.  And maybe she just doesn't.  Among those of us who pay more attention to politics than is healthy, there is a tendency to think that everyone in elective office (1) wants to move up to the next higher office and (2) has a master plan for doing so.  If you're talking about typical politicians then those are probably safe assumptions.  Sarah Palin has proven that she is anything but a typical politician.

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