Sunday, July 05, 2009

Why Twitter Is Bad For Sarah Palin

I came to Twitter fairly late... Like about two weeks ago late...  To be honest, I don't see the appeal. Strange 160 character missives about what happens to be passing through someone's mind at a given moment.  Twitter actively discourages that inner filter most of us have that prevents us from going off half cocked.  In other words, the easier it is to say something quickly, the more likely you are to speak without thinking.  And the brevity enforced by the character limit only serves to make things less nuanced.

Anyway, I subscribed to Sarah Palin's tweet feed (or whatever it's called) shortly after news of her resignation spread.  So far, I think she really needs to rethink her use of Twitter.  Sarah, I think, is a little thin skinned.  That's typical for normal people (which is what I think Sarah is) but it's a cardinal vice in professional politicians (which I think she clearly isn't).  I don't blame her at all for being thin-skinned.  If I had to put up with what she deals with daily, I would spout off too.  The problem is that doing so isn't in Sarah's political interests.  She seems to respond to every charge.  That's a bad idea.

I used to say, or think anyway, that I liked Bill Clinton a lot better the less I saw of him.  That was true.  When I saw him on a daily basis, I thought about his duplicity, about his policies with which I disagreed.  When I saw him rarely, I thought about his magnetism, his likability and his ability to communicate.  I think Sarah needs to learn that less is more.  Those of us who already love her will only crave hearing from her more if she portions out the time she gives us.  And those who don't like her will not have her in their faces all the time.  That will give them time to let first impressions fade and give her a new hearing when she returns.

I don't know.  My political advice is probably worth what she (and you, by the way) is paying for it, but still...

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