Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sure, Drag Out the Kids

I'm sorry, but I have to say this...

Having the kiddies come out at Uncle Teddy's funeral and having them mouth liberal platitudes in the form of "intercessions" strikes me as being in piss-poor taste.  When they put me in the cold, cold earth I don't want my grandkids praying that they cut the capital gains tax.

Okay, and now that the dam has broken...

Rory Kennedy looks EXACTLY like her old man...  Only with long blonde hair...  That's not a good thing.

The fat little Kennedy male grandkid with the long hair...  Not liking that.

And from last night...  John McCain doesn't have much emotion left in him, it seems.  Maybe that was a coping mechanism from when the North Vietnamese were ripping his fingernails out.  I don't know.  Still, it makes him seem odd at poignant moments.  And he doesn't have the politician's gift/curse of faking it well.

Wondering if Obama will take communion.  He shouldn't, of course...  Nor should Bubba, Peanuts or, for that matter, Dubya.  Literally the body and blood of Christ, folks.  If you don't believe it, don't nibble the wafer.  These papists are hard core.

Wondering about the alterboy-or-whatever with the long beard.  Wouldn't have taken him for Catholic.  Latvian Orthodox maybe.

Dubya looks either bored, sad or both while Yo-Yo is playing.

That dress Michelle Obama wore getting off the plane last night looked like she ought to be at a Mexican cantina.  Yeah, it was dark, but a little festive for traveling to a funeral, don't you think?  Hey, if the Washington Post can criticize fashion, why can't we?

You know, I'm a Baptist but I see the value in all this ritual.  I think it feeds a human need much more than any sort of divine desire.  And say what you want, they know how to build a church.  No General Steel buildings for them.

By the way, you think Hillary cringed when the priest almost dared refer to her as Mrs. rather than Secretary Clinton.  From Botswana to Boston, girlfriend can't catch a break.

Well, as far as I could tell, I don't think Obama took communion.  Looked like he stood up to let Joe and Jill Biden out.  Good call, Barry.

Hey, Patrick, we don't need to hear about your legislative accomplishments.

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