Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why The Postman Sucked

The Postman (1997)

Yeah, I know... How much time have you got?

No, here's at least one reason why it sucked... The ending.

I mean, I'm all for happy endings. I like all the loose ends tied up. Still, in the course of 30 years we're supposed to have gone from Mad Max to a scene that looks like Marin County?

And, I'm sorry, but the whole Amy Grant/Kevin Costner love song during the closing credits? I really like Amy Grant and, yes, it's a sweet little song (owing more to Amy's sweet voice and a tender arrangement than to the lyrics which are sort of insipid), but... Again... Not the best fit with a post-apocalyptic tale of man reduced to brute.

There was a little period, post Dances With Wolves, when Kevin Costner was way, way, way over-indulged. The result was The Postman and Waterworld.

You Didnt Have To Be So Nice - Amy grant & Kevin Costner

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