Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Difference Between Think Tanks and Government

Podesta Says Value-Added Tax ‘More Plausible’ as Deficits Grow -

John Podesta has tons of government experience so he should know better than this. There is zip, zero, no chance of a VAT in the United States. Maybe as a part of a radical overhaul (or elimination) of the income tax but not otherwise.

If the Democrats proposed this it would be the end. Period. End of story. The end of their majority in the House in 2010, the end of their majority in the Senate by 2012 and the last time they'd get anyone in the White House for a generation.

It's all very well to advocate policies when you're in an interest group or a think tank based in Washington, but when you're the Congressman from Butt Scratch, Nebraska who has to go home and face the torches and pitchforks things look very different.

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