Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get Your Motor Running!

Do you feel the need for speed?

Now you can get your speed on from Charter! Charter high speed internet and Charter entertainment services bring the fastest internet and the best in television and movies into your home. Get the most for your entertainment dollar with Charter.

Even better, along with giving you the fastest internet, Charter is also giving you a chance to win the fastest thing on the roads. After giving away a laptop every day for the last two months, now Charter is giving away a new Camaro! A brand new 2010 Camaro 2SS... And they're even throwing in the sales tax gratis! That's 426 horsepower all for nothing! Great Charter services for your home, a great sports car for your garage!

From now through November 26 at high noon you can get a chance to win this great car. And everyone is a winner with Charter because when you sign up for their services. Sign up for three Charter services and you get a $100 gift card. 2 services bags you a $50 card and there's a $25 gift card in it for you if you go with just one of Charter's great services. Whether it is a gift card for clothing, restaurants or another store, you're getting a great deal and great service from Charter.

Interested? Ready to take part in Charter's Camaro Sweepstakes? Visit to register today. You can also view the complete rules, learn more about the Camaro andmuch, much more.

You can also find out more about what is going on with Charter by visiting Charter on Facebook or Charter on Twitter

Get great speed with Charter!



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