Sunday, September 06, 2009

The MediaBlog Political Roundup

I haven't spent much time on politics lately.  Which is odd given how much is going on at the moment.  Just haven't felt particularly inspired, I suppose.

Let's cover a couple of things briefly...  Glenn Beck claims his first scalp with the resignation of Van Jones.  If you have read this blog at all then you know we believe Glenn is a wack-a-mole.  Nothing has changed.  Still, even a wack-a-mole can be right once in awhile.  Jones is so clearly outside the political mainstream that it is sort of shocking that he ever made it into the White House.  Of course, the entire "czar" process is designed to go around the usual channels and this is the result.  To be honest, what is even more troubling is the extent to which the mainstream media did not cover this.  All of the major outlets ignored it totally until the resignation.

The Obama schoolkids speech...  It is regretable that we have reached such a nadir in our political discourse that a speech by the President of the United States to schoolchildren is viewed with this level of suspicion.  The fault for this lies on both sides...  I mean, the people who were (and are) calling Dubya a war criminal or suspecting him of complicity in teh 9/11 attacks shouldn't be shocked that much of the Right doesn't trust Obama.  At any rate, I think the real problem here was never the speech itself, it was the lesson plans formulated by the Department of Education to accompany the speech.  How can I help President Obama???  A little too cult-of-personality for a lot of us.  I don't really think it was intended that way, but the failure to be able to step outside yourself and consider how it will be perceived by others suggests something that the healthcare debate has also shown: this administration is shockingly inept politically.

How can that be, you ask.  I mean, didn't they run a brilliant campaign?  I would suggest they did not.  Rather, the Obama campaign benefited from poor strategy and over-confidence from their primary opponent (Hillary Clinton) and simple ineptness combined with miserable luck for their general election opponent (McCain).  In other words, Obama combined personality with luck to achieve victory.

This has been sort of rambling.  I'm still not feeling especially inspired to discuss these subjects.

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