Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where's JFK When You Need Him?

BBC NEWS | Americas | Venezuela to get Russian missiles

Yeah, it's not Soviet MRBMs pointed at New Orleans. Still, if we actually had a foreign policy that consisted of more than Barry mouthing platitudes while Thunder Thighs slips on a pantsuit and dances with/screams at the Third Worlders then maybe, just maybe this kind of bullshit wouldn't be going on.

There is no legitimate reason for Venezuela to have these sorts of weapons. Other than to intimidate its neighbors (ie Columbia), that is. And meanwhile, what are we doing to try to encourage the free, democratic nation of Columbia which has to deal with more than its fair share of bullshit because of our hunger for cocaine? We're telling them that we'd just as soon not trade freely with them but thanks for stopping by.

And you know, while we're at it, you did a little blow in your time. Isn't that right, Barry? Blow that was grown by workers in the fields who are often little better than slaves. Blow that was manufactured by terrorists who intimidate and assassinate judges and prosecutors. Blow that is smuggled across our borders in condoms within the bellies of desperate young men and women. Blow that is sold on street corners by violent thugs who carry on their turf battles without regard for the children who get caught in the crossfire.

Taking this back to the source... You think maybe... Maybe... You of all people owe a little special debt to the decent people of Columbia? Do you think so, Barry?

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