Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get a Thicker Skin, Barry

Obama unhappy with criticism of his NYC date night

So Barry isn't happy that many of us thought it was a little over the top for him to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to make a special, one evening trip to New York for a dinner date with his wife.

Our response: Tough Shit

Fame and power are a two-edged sword, Barry. You take the good, you take the bad. You still have not figured out that you are not a regular person anymore. That's why you can't pick fights below your weight class. That's why you can't spout off and call the police stupid. That's why you can't spend our money to take your wife on a dinner date.

You asked for the privilege of spending the next four years in the crown jewel of the federal penal system. You asked for it. Nobody forced it on you. So man up, grow a pair, stop whining and do your fucking job.

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