Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It All Becomes Clear

I've never found MASH to be funny. Never. Not even for a second. Not laugh out loud funny, not chuckle funny, not smile funny... Just not funny.

Suddenly, I think I understand why.

Flipping through the Tivo listings I saw an episode from 1974. Fairly early in the show's run, I suppose. That's 35 years ago. What was 35 years in their past? That would be 1939. In other words, we are as far from that episode of MASH as they were from Hitler invading Poland.

Now, that doesn't mean that old humor can't be funny. It can. Lots of people find Lucy funny. It isn't my cup of tea, but lots of people enjoy it. Personally, I enjoy Andy Griffith and that is even older. So what is the difference? I think it is that MASH didn't try to just be funny, it tried to be funny while making social/political points. I found its politics to be your typical shallow leftist drivel and, consequently, found the attempts at humor weighed down by the politics. On top of which, 35 years is an eternity in politics. What might have been (in theory) pointed social commentary just seems tired now.

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