Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Or On The Other Hand....

Ending death penalty could save US millions: study - Yahoo! News

We could just take the condemned straight from the courtroom to the chair. That should save tons of money on... You know... Appeals and last meals. Lots of other meals too, come to think of it. Yeah, that should save tons of money.

No, for the record, I'm not seriously suggesting that. On the other hand, I think for anti-death penalty advocates to try to suggest that doing away with the death penalty would improve states fiscal health is about as stupid as anti-abortion protesters suggesting that abortion reduces tax revenue by murdering little taxpayers before they can pay into the system. Both are true and both are pretty much irrelevant.

If you want to get rid of the death penalty that's fine, but don't try to come up with these half-assed reasons. It's like the guys who talk about legalizing hemp because you can make clothes and rope and god only knows what else. If you want to smoke a fattie just say so for the love of Pete!

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