Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spouting Off Again

I've been a bit remiss in commenting on things topical lately.  Just haven't felt inspired.  Man does not live by blogporn alone, however, so...

In re: Letterman---
I have always been a fan of Dave's.  Yes, there are plenty of nights these days when he seems to be phoning it in.  Yes, he's started wearing his political biases on his sleeve and that makes him less entertaining to me.  Still, I come from the last generation for whom "Carson" means Johnny rather than Daly and Dave is pretty much the last entertainment link to Carson.  You can see it in his mannerisms and his monologue.  It isn't conscious I don't think, it's just that Dave grew up watching Johnny and the influence is there.  It isn't there with Leno.  Leno, for better or worse (and it's mostly worse in my opinion) is a standup, Dave is a host and a broadcaster.  Anyway, enough of that...  The little dust up involving sex and blackmail...  Mrs. MediaBlog always thought there was something going on between him and Stephanie the Intern.  Women have that sixth sense I guess.  For what it's worth, it's usually a bad idea to sleep with the help.  That being said, I'm sort of dumbfounded by the online polls and chatter asking whether Dave needs to go...  I just don't get that.  I mean, why?  Do we expect talk show hosts to be paragons of virtue?  We certainly don't expect it from anyone else, not even presidents.  Also, I have to say that Letterman's monologue last night was masterful.  It struck exactly the right tone.

In re: Jon and Kate---
It's sort of surprising that I've made barely any mention of this show before since Mrs. MediaBlog and I watch it religiously and have from the beginning.  I've felt for awhile that the parents (Kate in particular) have turned into money-grubbers.  I've also felt that Kate is a controlling bitch and Jon a whiney loser.  Anyway, for all of that I came into recent dust-up with a good deal of sympathy of Jon.  Now, it should go without saying that there is no excuse for cheating on your wife.  Still, while I couldn't support Jon, I could at least understand him.  He had to put up with a lot from her.  Since then, however, Jon's insane behavior has pretty much removed whatever sympathy I might have felt for him.  That said, it's also true that Kate his just done a much better job of manipulating the media than Jon has.  I'm pretty much at a-pox-on-both-their-houses stage.  God help the kids though.  Nothing like having mom and dad drag each other through the tabloids to really set you up for a successful adulthood.

In re Obama:
It really does seem like amateur hour anymore, doesn't it?  I mean, the man was supposed to have these amazing political skills but where are they?  Almost makes you wonder where we might have wound up last Fall if we'd had a candidate who could throw a punch every now and then.  To be honest, I still think the general unpopularity of Dubya combined with the we're-all-going-to-die mindset of the financial meltdown pretty much doomed us, but you never know.  Anyway, Obama can't seem to win one right now.  I mean, he flies off to Denmark to let the IOC kick him in the teeth, he's getting rolled by every petty despot from Venezuela to Iran and back, he managed to kick the legs out from under the Poles on the very day the commemorate the Russians stabbing them in the back, he can't seem to get it going with health care (thank God)...  I'm trying not to be overconfident, but it sure seems like this house of cards is collapsing quickly. 

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