Monday, November 02, 2009

No More Mr. Nice Guy... But Was He Ever?

AP - Leno says he'd return to 'Tonight' if NBC asked

So Jay managed to put the knife in Conan's back and kick Dave in the crotch all in one interview.

First, Jay says that he never really wanted to leave The Tonight Show and would be glad to go back if NBC asked... And, I'm sure, paid out the ass.

He then went on to say pay Letterman the backhanded compliment of insisting that he wasn't a hypocrite... Because Dave was never moral (like Jay is) in the first place.

I have NEVER bought into the Jay-is-such-a-nice-guy schtick and this just proves it. The sad part is that he may well get his wish come next season. Conan's ratings are not great and from what I've read a lot of the affiliates are complaining because the Leno in Prime Time lead-in is depressing the numbers for their 11:00 news.

You managed to take something that wasn't broken and not just break it but smash it on the ground and then jump up and down on the pieces. Yet again it must be said:

Heck of a job, Zuckie!

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