Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ADC Continues To Take It's Toll on One Note Andy

Though you might think otherwise, I really don't enjoy being an asshole. At least, not too much of one. There are some lines that I make a rule not to cross because they're just beneath me. I have some sense of decency. I'm just better than that.

However, because One Note Andy has become such a vile figure, I throwout the rulebook where he is concerned. Thus, the following...

Seems One Note Andy, in his continuing obsessive, catty war against Sarah Palin makes the comment that she is too cowardly even to sit down with C-Span's Booknotes for an interview regarding her book Going Rogue.

Of course, if years of buggery hadn't so badly impaired One Note's mental abilities he would probably realize that Booknotes, while a lovely program and often genuinely fascinating, hasn't actually been on the air in five years.

One Note gets his little giggles by pointing out that instead of a genuine interview, Sarah is being featured on C-Span's BookTV which will feature footage of her signing her book at a bookstore in Cincinnati along with an interview with her conducted by "the store's marketing and event coordinator."

Now, if One Note Weren't always so busy looking for his lube, he would realize that this is a very typical format for BookTV. Not at all unusual.

Get your facts straight, Andy. Otherwise just shut the fuck up.

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