Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let's Finish Off Christmas With A Stupid Quote From A Stupid Preacher

Passions over 'prosperity gospel': Was Jesus wealthy? -

The New Testament reports that Roman soldiers gambled for Jesus' clothing while he hung on the cross. They wouldn't gamble for Jesus' clothing unless it was expensive, Anderson says.

"I don't know anybody -- even Pamela Anderson -- that would have people gambling for his underwear," Anderson says. "That was some fine stuff he wore."

--Rev Tom Anderson, Word of Life Church, El Paso, Texas

If that isn't the most asinine thing you hear today then I pity you. Jesus wore some high quality underpants and He wants you to wear some high quality underpants too! If you're wearing ratty drawers it must be because you lack faith. You want to know how you can tell who is really walking close to God? Take a look at his underpants. And by their Fruit of the Looms ye shall know them!

The good Reverend is... How shall I put this? Full of shit. Yeah, that works. The prosperity gospel isn't Biblical, it isn't historically Christian and it ruins lives and hearts. If that's too blunt for you then shove it up your ass. It's a fact.

And for the record, my underpants are just fine, thanks for asking.

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