Saturday, January 02, 2010

Duke Universtiy - Jedi Mind Tricks 101

Power Line - The radical feminist empire strikes back at Duke

Duke, home of the lacrosse "rape" scandal awhile back, has published new sexual misconduct guidelines. More of the usual feminist bullshit for the most part.

Here, however, is the part I like best:

Ada Gregory, director of the Women's Center, argues that "higher IQ males" like those who populate Duke are particularly effective at "manipulation and coercion." Hence their ability to "rape" women without them even realizing it.

Now, leaving aside the fact that one would think there are also "higher IQ" females at Duke who should be smart enough not to get themselves into dangerous situations... I love the idea that a woman could be raped without even knowing it. I mean, if someone has to tell you you were raped then, newsflash, you weren't. If someone has to talk you into thinking you were raped then, newsflash, you weren't.

All of this, like so much Leftist dogma, is aimed at creating victim classes for the purpose of gaining power. You take a girl who had sex and (maybe) regrets it later and you turn her into a rape victim. She is suddenly empowered as are you as her protector.

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