Monday, January 18, 2010

The Old Testament: NC-17

Reading sweet little Bible stories at bedtime to the elder Bloglet tonight.  We decided to talk about how the Children of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days.  On the seventh day they blew their trumpets, the walls came tumbling down and the Israelites were able to go right in.

The End.

Except of course for the part where the Children of Israel slaughtered every living thing in the city...  Men and women...  Cattle and sheep...  Cute little fuzzy bunnies...  Oh!  Yeah!  And all of the children too.

Funny how they always leave those parts out.

I'm kidding but I'm also not kidding.  There is a lot of the Bible that just seems...  Well...  Un-Christian.  We gloss over a lot of that or try to explain it away.  What we're left with though is a loving, merciful God who is occasionally okey dokey just a-ok fine with murdering babies in their cribs.

That is, assuming we take everything literally like my fellow fundies do.  If we assume that when the Bible says God told them to slaughter the fuzzy bunnies and the babes in arms it is actually true rather than a self-serving cover story.  Personally, I don't. 

I am fully prepared to believe that people 3000 years ago were more than willing to do whatever the hell they felt like and then justify it by saying God told them it was okay.  As often as not, we're still doing the same thing.

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