Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More Than You Wanted To Know

I listen to the radio while I sleep. Specifically talk radio. I find it soothing. Whatever. I wake up in the morning with my earbuds in place.

Now, I also suffer from nausea just about every morning. Have since I was a kid. Post-nasal drip. See? Told you it was more than you wanted to know.

Anyhoo, of late there is a new commercial that runs about three times every morning while I'm drifting at the edge of consciousness. It is for Chase credit cards and some kind of rebate card. It's about this woman who is eating at a diner. In essence it talks about how great it is to get 3% cash back every time you eat out.

Now, I love rebates as much as the next guy. More, actually, since I'm tight. What I don't like is having someone say the words "tuna melt" in my ear when I'm already sick to my stomach. What I like even less is for them to say "tuna melt" three times in a single commercial. And what I like even less than that is for them to run the same &*^@&#$@ commercial three times in the morning. That's nine tuna melts.

Even at 3 in the afternoon, the idea of melted cheese on top of tuna doesn't do great things for my stomach. At 7am when I'm flat on my back it's even worse.

So, a plea... Chase, can you please, please, PLEASE do something about this. I'm sure I kicked in like three bucks toward your bailout so the way I figure it you owe me a little payback.

Thank you.

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