Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theater of the Absurd

Obama, GOP fail to reach accord on health bill - Yahoo! News

And here I thought they would reach some sort of grand compromise. This thing was nothing more than the Democrat's pathetic attempt at political theater to serve as cover for when they try to ram this through. The Dear Leader is convinced that his charm will always let him get the better of anyone.

I, for one, found him disgusting today. A strong word but exactly the one I have chosen. Disgusting. I found it hideously arrogant of him to constantly refer to everyone in the room by their first name while they, of course, have to refer to him as Mr. President.

It's all very well to respect the office of the President, but he owes the same respect to Senators and Congressman. I personally thought it was calculated.

This is a Republic, damn it, and the trappings of the Imperial Presidency have gotten entirely out of hand. I probably find it particularly galling coming from a man who has done so little to deserve it, but really it is true more generally as well.

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