Saturday, March 06, 2010

Putting On My Glenn Beck Tinfoil Hat Here

Egyptian president has gall bladder operation - Yahoo! News

This could turn out to be a little more complicated than it seems on the surface. Egypt, while a fairly reliable US ally and at peace with Isreal, has some fairly serious internal problems. It has operated under a state of emergency for something like 30 years. It is effectively a one-party oligopoly under the rule of Hosni Mubarak.

Mubarak isn't in the best of health... He's 81 years old... And, if memory serves, he has been to Europe more than once in recent months for medical treatment.

Now he's in Germany for gallbladder surgery. In and of itself that might not mean all that much. Even the fact that he has temporarily transferred power to his prime minister while he recovers would only raise a moderate degree of concern to me. What really raises a red flag for me is:

"Mubarak, who was accompanied by his wife and two sons..."

Now, one of those sons is supposed to be his hand-picked successor. From some things I have read, that has met with some resistance in certain quarters.

Anyway, whenever the supreme leader is out of the country with his entire family, that raises a definite concern. It's a little too close to a Shah of Iran-type scenario. I'd be interested to know where Mubarak's daughters-in-law and grandchildren are.

Maybe nothing. We shall see.

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