Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Riddance

Epoch Times - Crowd Gathers To Watch Texas Stadium Demolition

I haven't cared about the NFL since the late 1980s. However, during the 80s I was a reasonably big Cowboys fan. At least, as big of a fan as an awkward kid with little-to-no athletic skills could be. I think my interest pretty much died when they kicked Tom Landry to the curb in favor of Jimmy Johnson.

You know... Jimmy Johnson... The douche with the plastered-down hair who apparently can't get it up without popping a pill...

Anyhoo... I was a Cowboys fan. I always hated their stadium though. Never been to a game but hated it. Why? That damned hole in the roof. Yeah, I guess it let them have real grass but it made for hellish TV on late afternoon games. The shadows were terrible. I would imagine it was rough to play there too. I mean, if you're throwing from dark into light or whatever.

Anyway, it's gone now. Unloved and unmourned.

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