Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Stranger

Not satisfied with being sponsored by food insurance, non-hybrid seeds and, of course, gold, Glenn Beck has finally created the perfect storm of paranoia.  Tonight during his Fox show we went straight from a Goldline commercial into one for Tim LaHaye's latest version of literary Armageddon, Edge of Apocalypse.

You know, I slogged my way through Tim's Left Behind Series.  I'm not entirely sure why I did so except that I wanted to see how off the wall it would get.  And I say that as a Christian who attends a reasonably conservative Southern Baptist church.  I'm hardly some screaming atheist.  They were awful books.  Wooden and...  Well, just awful.  Even though he has a new co-author, I find it hard to imagine that the new one is any better.

I don't begrudge any man his daily bread, but I kind of think that Tim LeHaye's books are really very little more than apocalypse porn.  And lousy apocalypse porn at that.

Anyway, the Beck train to kookytown picks up speed.

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