Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Whoring Out The Old Grey Lady

Film - ‘Date Night’ Adventure for Steve Carell and Tina Fey -

Date Night, a new film starring two quite funny people in what would appear to be a fairly unfunny production, features a quote from the New York Times in its most recent commercial. Two quotes actually and it attributes both of them to the Times. The quotes are:

"an overridingly upbeat film" and "a love letter to marriage"

Now, no quibbles about the former. It appears in the article as quoted. As for it being "a love letter to marriage"...

Well, it may very well be. And the quote certainly appears in the Times article. The only problem is that this quote from the Times appears in the times already in quotes. Why? Because it is a quote from the movie's screenwriter, Josh Klauser.

So what we've got is a screenwriter giving a quote to the New York times and then the studio using that quote to promote the film but ascribing it to the newspaper rather than to the film's own screenwriter.

Now, I can't imagine very many people go to see movies based on these quotes in the commercials. Still, this strikes me as a bit awkward if not unethical.

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