Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Old Grey Lady Brings Out The Wooden Shoes

Our Fix-It Faith and the Oil Spill -

Meanwhile (see below), the New York Times invokes the demise of technological civilization with a navel-gazing article about how our faith in technology couldn't save us this time.

Um... No. Clearly Elisabeth Rosenthal and the rest of the Times are end-users of technology. They see the final result of multiple attempts which to one degree or another failed. They see the finished product rather than the failed attempts. Technology WILL solve this problem. It will either be one of the interim attempts or it will be the drilling of a relief well but either way it is the technical abilities of the bright and innovative people of the oil industry that will ultimately bring resolution to this problem.

Ms. Rosenthal may wish to turn Luddite and live in a cave but she would do well to remember that pre-technological society had very little time for the niceties of modern life... The luxuries like, oh, newspapers.

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