Saturday, June 12, 2010

Or What?

Coast Guard to BP: Speed it up, stop the spill |

The Coast Guard has sent a sternly worded missive to the good folks at BP. Have a plan to clean up the spill by the time Barry arrives on the Gulf Coast on Monday.

That will show them. Of course, if it were that easy one wishes that the Coast Guard had sent that letter... Oh... 50 days ago or so. Things would have been so much easier.

We are not big fans of the open letter around here. Except of course when we do them in which case they are entirely appropriate. In general, however, an open letter has almost nothing to do with communicating with the letter's putative recipient but a great deal to do with showing the world whatever it is you want to show them.

In this case, it's nothing more than the tough guy rhetoric that has been Barry's method of dealing with this situation from the beginning. Well, not from the beginning... At the beginning he was too busy doing... Um... Something... Not totally sure what... Anyway, when he finally got around to paying attention to it, that's been his method.

How's that working out for you, Barry? Or, more importantly, how's it working for the Gulf coast?

Barry, why do you hate pelicans?

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