Friday, January 06, 2017

Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, Not a Lawyer

Lawsuit Over Star Trek Fan Fiction Flick Headed To A Jury Trial – Consumerist

If there was ever a jury I'd actually want to serve on...

I'm a pretty big fan of Star Trek fan films...  At least the quality ones like Star Trek Continues...  Given the drek that Abrams is turning out, it's really the only way to see "real" Trek these days.  That said, the Axanar folks flew too close to the sun and are probably going to get burned.  And by doing so they endangered the entire field of fan films.  The corporate mucketies at CBS had long turned a bit of a blind eye to the fan films as long as they were genuinely not for profit.  Axanar, which put together a slick trailer type promo video, raised a ton of money through crowdfunding, featured a bunch of Hollywood B-listers and had yet (after years) to turn out an actual product, forced the issue and CBS responded with some "guidelines" which tightened down.  In truth, they could have been a lot worse...  CBS seems to realize that the fan films aren't really competition.  Just the opposite really, they help to keep the interest alive.

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