Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fare Thee Well

Blogporn, foul language and cruel invective not withstanding, Yours Truly is really a big softie.  I've noticed before that I always feel vaguely sentimental when a president is on his way out. I tend t forgive the failings and look back with nostalgia and forgiveness.  Obama is no exception. 

The hard hearted Republican (and realist) in me knows that he has been a failure in so many ways. He came into office with a greater opportunity to truly heal divides than anyone in decades. A Black man, elected with a strong majority at a time of economic crisis. If he were a "bigger" man he could have forged a consensus on health care, on race and so much else. His failings came from the fact that he was not the transcendent figure his rhetoric suggested or the adoring crowds believed.  He may not have been entirely the empty suit we accused him of being, but his actions never lived up to his rhetoric.  He spoke of healing divisions but he actually widened them because he was too certain of his own rightness and too quick to ascribe disagreement either to the ignorance or the venality of his opponents. 

Still, he more than most in his position, benefits by comparison with his successor.  Rotsa Rick, Mr President. Don't let the door.

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