Thursday, January 12, 2017

What Might Have Been

There is zero doubt in my mind that Joe Biden would have been elected President. Zero. Not because I would have voted for him (though this time I might have) or because I agree with him. We've always had a fondness for Crazy Uncle Joe around here. Yeah, we call him Plugs but unlike so many others (Hillary Clinton?  Please pick up the white courtesy phone.)...  Unlike so many others, Joe Biden is likable.  Can you picture him losing Pennsylvania or Michigan by a hair?  Me neither. Unlike Pantsuit, Biden can sit in a diner and talk to a factory worker and if he isn't genuine at least seem genuine.

The Democrats should be ruing the day they cleared the field for Hillary. And, honestly, they are as much to blame for whatever we get out of Trump as are the folks who actually voted for him. This did not have to happen. 

PS (1/13/17) - Apparently the Medal of Freedom with distinction also gets you a sash. According to Wikipedia anyway. The shirtless Biden, beer in hand, wearing a sash meme writes itself. 

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