Sunday, June 25, 2017


Awhile back I was watching one of those Flip My Love It Or Sell This Curb Appealing Tiny House shows on one of those channels that show people in California selling the souls of their unborn children to Lucifer in order to buy a 1200 square foot bungalow in Santa Monica...

Anyhoo, the Mrs on this particular episode was just genuinely lovely.  We share because we care.

Credit Where It Is Due (Part Deux)

We've said before that for all his myriad flaws, The Donald knows hotness when he marries it...  Again...  And again...  And again.

Apparently that applies to his cabinet secretaries as well since his SecTreas Steve Mnuchin married quite well this weekend.  Amazing how being worth a billion or two lets a guy who looks like a frog on cortisone marry a Hollywood hottie.  I think she's Scottish actually, but leave us not quibble.

Mazel Tov to Louise Linton and her bankroll...  Sorry... Beloved husband.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fare Thee Well, Commodore!

So this week Jim Philips announced that he will be retiring from The Philips Phile effective January 2018.

I've been a fan of the Phile basically since I got my first car.  I would drive around with the top down and listen to the Phile...  Yeah, I was that smooth...  Had to beat the ladies off with a stick...


In the 90s, after I moved away and before streaming online was a thing, I spent time seriously trying to figure out a way to remotely record the show and send it to myself.  I never did it because it would have been expensive and difficult and streaming came along to make it irrelevant but the show meant that much to me.

I listened in the days of Ms. B.  I listened to Big Mo.  Jack and Oddo, Stacy and Banana, Eddie the Shaman, Pat Clarke (who I never liked until I heard him on the Phile), Wanzie and Doug, the dad and son who did the video reviews, Closest to the Pin, Phactual Phil, the Oy Vey Survey and so much, so very much, more.  I love the Phile.  It's not like anything else on the radio.  It's quirky and unique and such fun.  I agree with almost none of Jim's politics.  As he admits himself, he's a blowhard sometimes.  He can be rude to callers.  He sometimes doesn't listen to people who disagree with him...

And none of that matters.  Jim is always the glue that holds things together.  He claims to have been a ringmaster at a circus in his past and it shows.  He does such a great job of making the show run.  It feels effortless but it probably isn't.

As he himself would say, life will go on but the fact of the matter is that Jim will be missed.  At least I will miss him but I know I'm not alone.

Thanks for the fun, Commodore.  You've earned the right to pound your conch.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dr. McCoy May Have Gotten His Medical Degree From a Diploma Mill

We love Bones but we're starting to worry about the old country doctor.

In the last episode, Return to Tomorrow, Kirk and company beam through 100 miles of solid rock at the behest of a millennia-old non-corporeal intelligence.  What strikes Bones about all this?  The fact that the super orbs apparently have air conditioning.  The air is fresh.  They must recirculate it.  Gosh, Bones!  Maybe they have in-door toilets too!

Okay, maybe it was just a one time slip...  But then in the following episode the Enterprise tries to reach a Federation researcher who has vanished.  No answer the first time they signal him?  "Must be dead," says McCoy.  For a man devoted to saving lives, Leonard seems a little snappy to write people off just because they don't answer the telephone.