Saturday, October 28, 2017

Get Over Yourself

Just a bit of commentary for the ladies..

When a 93 year old man in a wheelchair from Parkinson's decides to tell a joke and goose you it isn't sexual assault. You can either step over 6 inches, or just laugh.  What you might not want to do is milk it for publicity.  It makes you look bad, not him.

Just saying.

You Don't Always Have To Show A Lot To Be Sexy

Just saying.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Give Til It Hurts

And since we were just mentioning Carson...

Can we suggest you give The Carson Podcast a try?  It's a lovingly produced journey back to the era when late night TV was about genuine entertainment instead of virtue signalling by parroting Democrat talking points.

Mark Malkoff is clearly performing a labor of love here.  He's also performing a genuine service by talking to people who have probably never been interviewed before.  He's hosted his share of stars but for my money the best interviews are with writers and behind the scene folks who made the trains run on time.

And speaking of my money, I gladly gave a little of it to keep the podcast going.  And as Mrs. Mediablog could tell you, Mr. Mediablog is tight with the dough.  If you listen and like consider sending a few greenbacks Mark's way.

GoFundMe: The Carson Podcast Fundraiser

Welcome Back, Commodore!

The MediaBlog: Fare Thee Well, Commodore!:

Jim Philips' retirement was almost as brief as The Mooch's government service.

Well, we can't complain.  Sure, he's going to be working Carson hours but who can blame him?  Anything that gives us more of the Phile is a good thing.

Truthfully, I suspect Jim would genuinely miss the opportunity to vent.  I know he has all sorts of hobbies but his chief vocation has always been spouting off... And that's not something one retires from.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Color Us Unsurprised

On NBC's Megyn Kelly, Authenticity And The Elephant In The Room : NPR:

We hold nothing against the lovely Ms. Kelly.  Actually, we'd like to hold something against Ms. Kelly.  We won't talk about what exactly because this isn't that kind of blog.  Well, sometimes it is, but we try not to be.  Well, no, we don't try that hard but we mean to try hard.  Sort of.


Oh, yeah...  Anyhoo...  Count us less than surprised that Megyn's morning TV foray isn't exactly going gangbusters.  NBC has a history of screwing up both hiring and firing and nothing has really changed.  Megyn was the flavor of the month when she got into it with Trump.  She's not without talent and dear God she's obviously not without her charms...  We could talk all day about her charms...  Really.  Try us.  But here's the thing...

She's not likable.

She's gorgeous.  She's smart.  She filthy rich (thanks to NBC)...  But she's not likable.  And likable is the end all be all of morning television.  From the beginning we thought that NBC was making a huge mistake.  They're finding out how expensive of a mistake it was.

Now, from Megyn's perspective, this is probably not a bad thing.  She doesn't necessarily fit the Trump-era Fox News zeitgeist.  That's to her credit.  And she got a huge payday and eventually NBC will figure out something to do with her.  My guess is a very pricey weekend Nightly News anchor (my man Lester ain't going nowhere) combined with maybe relieving Lester of his Dateline hosting duties...  And maybe doing some stories for Dateline...  Cause her Sunday show isn't going to be putting 60 Minutes out of it's misery (though adding Oprah as a special correspondent might).

There were a lot of parentheses in this post.  That's just an observation.


(I swear to God I'm as sober as a judge.)